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About firm

Our company has been established from 2003 for cooperation of films, promotions and video- clips production especially.


We are concerned with cars scene shoots and cars movement. In the following we have a special lift for shoots for car pulled behind the cameras car.


Our camera’s car is addapted to make possible:

  1. shoots from static camera which is possible to replace anywhere in the car, eventually to the certain area besides car circuit (approximately 1 meter)
  2. shoots from camera in motion – either  camera’s movement on dolly or permanently installing of all our’s camera’s crane to car with the aid of special reduction.

Our lift – Low Loader has been built to:

  1. make hydraulic system possible to high regulate the lift within the limits: from 20 centimetre to 50 centimetre
  2. cameras movement be extendable to both sides enough

Everything is possible to seen in photo – documentation including.


                                      We are enjoying to cooperate with You

                                                                      Your Shootmakers limited